About Party Hive

Hello I'm Carol,

I have always loved hosting and attending children's parties. After leading the party games at my daughters friend's party, the mother joked that I should make a career of hosting children's parties. The seed of an idea had been planted. I thought about parties we had held and attended and realised that there are few options available for hosting parties for the under 5's.

I have always found birthday parties at the large soft play areas impersonal, usually with a number of parties being held at the same time. When my children were young, my concern (and I am sure those of others) at these places was firstly the cleanliness of the equipment which had been played with by numerous children over the week. Secondly the number of boisterous older children who play in the areas dedicated to young children.

My thoughts were to create a similar experience for children in a personal setting such as a church hall or even in your own home, taking away the concerns mentioned above. I also decided to offer the option of creating an all inclusive party should anyone require this. Offering healthy and popular party food and unique party favours will help to take the stress and time involved in creating a party away from a parent, leaving them free to enjoy the party with their child.

I hope you enjoy browsing my website and look forward to helping you create a special party for your little one.

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